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Video: Hannah Kinson

Coming off a Big Ten Tournament win in 2019, the Iowa field hockey team was forced to delay nearly an entire year of progress during 2020. The limitations of the pandemic interrupted training, team development, and championship plans, but ultimately brought the team closer together during an extended offseason.


A third of the team is made up of players from countries other than the U.S. Four of those international athletes reflected on the struggles and benefits of playing a spring season, while balancing a life halfway across the globe. Forward Maddy Murphy, one of five children in her family, is from a small town in northern Tasmania, and midfielder Ellie Holley, one of three daughters, is from a city in southern England. With an extra year of eligibility, both seniors will graduate in December after the fall 2021 season. Living about an hour away from Holley’s city, sophomore midfielder Esme Gibson is from a small town in the hilly midlands of England, and junior defender Anthe Nijziel is from the southern part of the Netherlands. Although their families are across the ocean, these athletes have found a home at the University of Iowa.


“To talk about how COVID kind of changed, it was just a lot of sacrifice,” Holley said. “We have a lot of like COVID team rules, and I just think that shows the commitment of the team, how much we wanted a season. And how committed our team is to supporting each other and protecting each other while also just trying to keep on our goals of trying to go all the way.”

Iowa Field Hockey: Players Overseas

Bushnell’s Turtle Cookbook Series: Corn Chowder

Iowa City Teddy Bear Room

Video: Hannah Kinson

Video: Hannah Kinson

DI Arts Reporter Addie Bushnell, makes corn chowder as the last installment in her Bushnell's Turtle Cookbook series. Previously, Bushnell made a hot turkey sandwich and an apple torte.

Downtown Iowa City organizes annual holiday activities during the entire month of December. The Teddy Bear Room is a fundraiser that benefits local organizations in the community. Every year the Iowa City Downtown District fills a hotel room with over 300 teddy bears and collects donations for United Way, Shelter House, DVIP, and the Iowa City Police Department.

Dance Marathon 26: 24 hours captured in 2 minutes

Managing the Art World

Video: The Daily Iowan Staff

Edited by: Hannah Kinson

Video: Jenna Galligan

Edited by: Jenna Galligan & Hannah Kinson

Over a 24-hour period, students at The University of Iowa celebrate children and families impacted by pediatric cancer. Dance Marathon is in its 26th year on campus and continues to raise money for the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital throughout the year.

Paris Sissel, a junior at the University of Iowa, is a marketing major planning a career in arts management. Sissel works as House Manager at Hancher Auditorium and backstage at the Theatre Building. “I love my job, which I am so fortunate for, because a lot of people don’t. But I really do cherish my time here.”

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